Wind and Rain

A bunch of club members headed over to the Tour de Louisiane road course on Saturday to ride a few laps, sweep some corners, and have lunch in Covington.  As usual, I rode the first lap with a can of bright green road marking paint in my bottle cage stopping at each intersection to freshen up the arrows.  We regrouped at the end of that lap and then did one lap at a faster pace, regrouping again at the church.  For some reason the group got all split up aft Continue reading “Wind and Rain”

Calm Friday

Weird and unpredictable weather around here lately.  On Wednesday I had been planning on going out to the lakefront for the training race, but it was pouring rain at my office at 4:30 so I pretty much wrote it off. I left work around 5:30 on wet streets under dripping oak trees, but a couple of miles up the road at the house the street was almost dry.  I don’t think it ever actually rained at the lakefront.  So I set my sights on the Thursday evening race at the NOLA motorsports track.  At 5 am Continue reading “Calm Friday”

Feliciana Race Report and other Entanglements

After a couple of very busy weeks involving things like extension ladders, wedding cakes, and flight delays, I found myself driving up to the Feliciana Road Race early Sunday morning with Christian.  Considering that I had missed a lot of the more intense training that I clearly need this time of year, I figured my best shot for this race would be to ride very conservatively and hope for a pack sprint for the mostly uphill finish.  It didn’t exactly work out that way.  Actually it didn’t even re Continue reading “Feliciana Race Report and other Entanglements”


After what seemed like a solid month of unrelenting wind and otherwise irritating weather, the last couple of morning rides have been remarkably cool, dry and calm, at least with respect to the weather.  It would seem we are temporarily in the doldrums, not that I’m complaining.  The Tuesday morning levee ride attracted a big group and once we stopped to wait for Woody to fix a flat that he got right at the start, it wasn’t long before the pace worked its way up to 25, then 26, then 27 mph.  F Continue reading “Doldrums”

Better Late than Never

Last weekend was the annual Racing Rapides stage race up in Alexandria, Louisiana.  I have always liked this race.  For one thing, it’s relatively close, which around here means just a 3-hour drive.  For another, the road race course is always interesting without being too brutal and the criterium course through the old downtown area is excellent.  This year the race coincided with the last weekend of Jazzfest, and I ended up driving up alone after work on Friday.  Fortunately a couple of other Continue reading “Better Late than Never”

Wheelspray Weekend

It wasn’t raining, but the radar looked ominous at 6 am Sunday morning.  I had just finished loading the car up with race equipment for the NOBC 2-Person Time Trial, and as I started the half-hour drive out to LaPlace I wondered just how much of a wash-out the race would be.  As usual, I was planning on switching from race official mode to rider mode and back during the course of the morning, and might even have been somewhat excited to be teamed up with Mark McMurry for the 40 km race since (a Continue reading “Wheelspray Weekend”

Uncomfortable Weather

Yesterday a strong line of thunderstorms pushed through right as I was in the middle of a Safety and Risk Summit meeting at Tulane.  I suppose I should have been comforted to know that all of the university’s safety officers were “sheltered in place” with me.  The exceptionally strong  winds caused a lot of damage and spawned at least two small tornados, taking down two big trees in my neighborhood and causing some significant, albeit short-lived, street flooding. I had gotten in a nice Wednesda Continue reading “Uncomfortable Weather”