Detours and Virgin Asphalt and an Anniversary

Solo breakaways in team time trials are not encouraged. It’s been a hot week down here in the Crescent City, but that didn’t stop a good turnout for one of Kenny’s bandit time trials out on Lakeshore Drive last Tuesday.  This one was a 10+ mile 4-man TT for which I’d been asked to join Steve, Rolan and Pat for twenty-five minutes of after-work gear-mashing (four hyphens in one sentence!).  In order to give the appearance of being motivated, and also to enhanc Continue reading “Detours and Virgin Asphalt and an Anniversary”

Through the Rain

The Katrina flood line at Starbucks It was still too dark to see much of the sky when I hit the road this morning to meet the Giro Ride.  A balmy south wind made it feel easy, and ten minutes later as the sun came up over the bayou I could see the threatening clouds off to the southwest.  Sipping coffee at Starbucks I checked the radar, which didn’t offer much in the way of hope.  Even so, a pretty good-sized group headed out, perhaps a few minutes late, with little real chance of staying dry.  Continue reading “Through the Rain”

Water, Water, Everywhere

…..but for some, not a drop to drink. I was up at my usual 5:45 am this morning, digging through my cycling kit drawer looking for something that matched when The Wife opened the bathroom door and said, “There’s barely any water pressure.”  I immediately thought of the extensive road work they are doing a couple of blocks away on Broadway Street and figured they had managed to take out a water main.  There was nothing I could do about that, so I headed off to the levee to meet the Tuesday mo Continue reading “Water, Water, Everywhere”

Long Summer Week

There are usually only a handful of weeks each year during which I log over 300 miles.  Last week was one of those.  They aren’t typically a result of extra motivation or some specific training plan, and in fact the extra mileage often comes with a cost, namely a decrease in quality.  Indeed, high-mileage weeks for me are usually simply the result of a run of good weather and one or two extra rides.  Last week started off in typical fashion with an easy Monday ride and moderately fast Tuesday ri Continue reading “Long Summer Week”

Back to Track

The weekend was looking pretty good, weather-wise, on Saturday morning as I rode out to meet the Giro Ride. There was a pretty big group on hand since we seem to be in a bit of a road racing lull right now.  Of course, that meant that the Giro Ride would become a de facto substitute race.  Fortunately for those of us not planning on spending the whole time up at the front of the group, the wind direction allowed for adequate shelter for much, but not all, of the ride out to Venetian Isles.  It w Continue reading “Back to Track”

Missing the Breaks in Acadiana

The annual Vuelta d’ Acadiana over in Lafayette was a well-organized event with a fairly good turnout this year.  For reasons I cannot quite wrap my head around, a number of the local New Orleans riders missed this one.  I ended up making the easy two-hour drive alone on Friday evening, which allowed me plenty of time to worry about the weather.  It was looking quite unlikely that we would completely escape the rain that was going to be randomly streaming in from the Gulf of Mexico all weekend, Continue reading “Missing the Breaks in Acadiana”