Cross to Bear

The Giro heads out past the Lakeshore Drive floodgate. The weekend’s weather was nice and although I have been fairly unmotivated to push myself, I did manage to make both Giro Rides plus a little stroll through the City Park cyclocross course.  Turnout for the Giro was strangely low last weekend.  Perhaps it was just that there is so much going on around here this time of year.  As D and I rode to the Giro on Saturday we passed the big field in City Park whe Continue reading “Cross to Bear”

Uncontrolled Variables

The cool mornings are still with us for the time being. The weather for yesterday’s Wednesday morning levee ride was nearly perfect and it was looking like it would be a nice ride until the crash.  As the group approached one of the access roads a car turned onto it off of River Road at full speed and it was anybody’s guess whether he would slow down in time.  I was near the back and yelled “Car!” as the riders in front hit the brakes. Whenever that happens it Continue reading “Uncontrolled Variables”

Coffee Season

For the second morning in a row it felt like Fall.  Around here that means the morning temperature was, however briefly, in the 60s.  The cold front that came through late on Sunday left us with a windy and cool Monday morning.  Aside from the wind, it was great riding weather, but the levee was predictably deserted.  I think we saw three other bikes between uptown and Kenner.  This morning was similar, perhaps a bit cooler and a bit less windy.  The 6:15 ride Continue reading “Coffee Season”

Falls and Weather

It was supposed to be a wash-out at the very least, a hurricane at the very most.  By mid-week the media were in a full-blown hurricane frenzy.  The radar didn’t really look that impressive, but the storm tracks were consistently predicting landfall close enough to New Orleans to be a problem.  By the end of the week races were cancelled and the annual MS Tour was up in the air. I hadn’t yet missed a day of riding, although one of those had been fairly damp, but the weekend was not looking promi Continue reading “Falls and Weather”

Six Gaps and Single Digits

My annual end-of-season pilgrimage to the 6 Gap Century up in Dahlonega, GA was a little different this year.  A few days before our Saturday departure we had seven or eight Tulane riders signed up, so Kenny and I put together a second fork-mount bike holder gizmo to fit into the second of two extended cab pickup trucks that I had reserved for the trip.  When properly organized with turned handlebars, we could put five bikes in each truck bed.  As often happens, though, by the time we actually r Continue reading “Six Gaps and Single Digits”

The Wednesday Protocol

The morning shadows are getting longer and longer on the levee rides lately So late last night or early this morning the Pensacola Cycling Classic posted the still-preliminary results of the stage race that was about ten days ago.  They’re giving people until midnight to protest those results, after which they will finally be laid to rest.  It won’t be over for me, however, because I will still need to get the spreadsheet with license numbers and GC times so I can use that to essentially build Continue reading “The Wednesday Protocol”

Still Waiting

Yes, we’re still waiting for the final results from the Pensacola Cycling Classic that was held the weekend before last.  I don’t know what to say.  After seeing the results, or lack thereof, from the Saturday races I had made a point to video the finishes of the 35+, Cat. 3 and Cat. 1/2 criteriums on Sunday.  I ended up sending the official and chip timing company the placings from those videos.  I can’t imagine what could take this long, but I can only surmise that they are piecing Continue reading “Still Waiting”