Wind and Pain and another Year

Friday afternoon I left work a little early in order to make it over to Bayou Bicycles.  I don’t think I’d been there in three or four years, but Danielle had made an appointment for a bike fit with Robert Driskill who does the Specialized Body Geometry fittings.  She has been having persistent problems with upper back and shoulder pain on longer rides and figured an independent appraisal of her position might help and I had already tried the obvious stuff lik Continue reading “Wind and Pain and another Year”

That Hurt

Having survived the shorter morning ride on Wednesday without analgesics, I decided it was time to put them aside for a while and see how things went.  Thursday morning’s temperature was up around 60F with a moderate breeze and overcast skies.  I planned to do the long (42 mi.) morning ride, even though I was pretty sure the muscles in my upper back would not be too  happy about it. There was a nice group of a dozen or so up on the levee today and the pace heading out was reasonably smooth.  Of Continue reading “That Hurt”

My Bike Sounds Funny

I pulled on my long tights and long-sleeve jersey this morning to protect me from the brutal sub-60 degree temperature out on the levee.  A clear sky meant the blinky light batteries would have a rest today, and even the wind, which had been strong and gusty the past couple of days, had settled down a bit.  A block from home The Daughter said something to the effect of, “My bike sounds funny.”  As she pulled up alongside I could hear the unmistakable sound of a flat tire.  Not the best way to st Continue reading “My Bike Sounds Funny”

Eight Flats and a Handgun

It was another wet and foggy morning. The air was warmer and thicker than it had been yesterday, and as I rode out to the Starbucks on wet streets I wondered if anyone would show up.  I myself was planning on doing something like I’d done the day before, perhaps riding out to the end of Hayne before turning back.  I knew the muscles in my upper back would be screaming by then anyway.  I guess there were a dozen riders this morning.  Keith had announced the return of the TVR rides, and given th Continue reading “Eight Flats and a Handgun”

Team Kit Season

It is not uncommon for a team kit order to drag on into December or even January, with actual delivery not being accomplished until some time in April.  And so it was truly amazing that both the NOBC and Tulane Cycling team kit orders were completed in the early fall, and even more amazing that both orders arrived within a day of each other.  One thing that has really simplified the whole process has been the ability of the manufacturers to set up team stores on their websites, thus relieving th Continue reading “Team Kit Season”

More Pain

After Sunday’s little excursion down the river, and in light of the fact I still couldn’t turn my head without wincing in pain, I decided to take a couple of days off the bike.  This had a two-fold purpose, one of which was to allow for some healing to occur and the other was to keep from being T-boned by a car I didn’t see because I didn’t turn my head to look.  It’s now Wednesday and those neck muscles have been slow to heal.  Along with the excruciatingly s Continue reading “More Pain”

Head First

It was a long weekend, for which I am still paying a price.  It all started at 4:30 am on Saturday morning when I slipped out of bed to load up the car with officiating stuff and racing stuff in order to make it up to the cyclocross race north of Jackson, Mississippi in time to get registration set up.  For this race we would have a couple of additional officials, so I was confident I’d be able to race the masters race in order to break up the tedium of officiating.  These cyclocross races in wh Continue reading “Head First”