Good Clothes and Winter Rides

The recent long weekend turned out to be great for riding, especially considering it is mid-January and much of the country is under about fifteen feet of snow.  We had earlier in the week planned a no-drop club ride on the northshore for Sunday, so when I headed over to Starbucks early Saturday morning for the Giro Ride I was not planning on taking it too easy. I had left home just a bit under-dressed since I was expecti Continue reading “Good Clothes and Winter Rides”

To the Moon

The moon slipping down toward the horizon as the sun rises behind us. I went out Thursday morning to, hopefully, meet the 6:15 am group for the long levee ride.  We are all still experimenting with morning ride options, so I really had no idea who might be there.  As it turned out there were a few riders waiting at Dakin Street, so with tail lights flashing we waited for a break in the fairly light morning traffic and just took the lane.  At around 22 mph we Continue reading “To the Moon”

Alone Again

The Wednesday morning levee ride didn’t happen today, unless me riding alone counted. After getting rained out on Monday, I planned on making the 6:15 am Tuesday ride, although given the still-unresolved levee bike ride crisis I wasn’t too sure what would happen.  Unfortunately I got out there a few minutes late.  This sometimes happens for my first morning ride after a weekend road trip.  In this case I spent some time unsuccessfully searching for my missing Continue reading “Alone Again”

Winter Camp

We pulled up to David’s house at 5 pm on Friday and a few minutes later we were on our way up to Natchez State Park for the LSU/Tulane cycling winter training camp.  A few minutes after that David started remembering the things he had forgotten to bring, which included such items as the crockpot he was planning to use for dinner on Saturday and, more troubling, his riding shoes.  Fortunately, Kenny was planning on driving up early Saturday morning with a coupl Continue reading “Winter Camp”


Well it finally happened on Tuesday.  No, I don’t mean that my pipes broke because the temperature dropped into the 20s.  What finally happened was that the levee construction crew started tearing up the bike path at the Orleans/Jefferson parish line, which is basically where we have been starting our morning rides for the past ten years or so.  Since the construction zone extends about a mile upriver from there, and since there are no other safe roads that by Continue reading “Alternatives”

Weather or Whether Not

It’s been a week of crazy weather all-around, and down here in New Orleans we’d been spared the worst of it.  Last weekend was pretty nice, especially for the first weekend of January.  I went out to the Saturday Giro, which was a typical winter Giro, which is to say that a number of riders were planning on riding all the way out to Slidell so they weren’t killing it on the way out.  That kept the pace relatively manageable which meant that I got home with legs that were only slightly sore.  Sli Continue reading “Weather or Whether Not”

Just the Wind and Me

Thursday morning was another wet one and I just couldn’t summon up the right stuff to get out there, even on the rain bike.  The morning temperature was still fairly moderate, in the mid-50s I think, but the forecast was calling for a steep drop in the afternoon as a cold front came through. Apparently a few people did make it out to the levee for a ride, but I wasn’t one of them. I slept late and rushed to work in the car.  A little later I found out that I had been supposed to feed the two lit Continue reading “Just the Wind and Me”