Wind Again

Heading back from the Giro Five forty-five in the morning and before I silence the alarm I reach for the phone to check the radar.  The forecast had not been reassuring, but it has also not been guaranteed.  The early morning radar looked good, with some rain far to the south and an hourly prediction that looked dry until at least 9 am.  The temperature was in the upper 60s, but it was cloudy, so I added a little base layer to my shorts and jersey, popped in Continue reading “Wind Again”

Two Weeks’ Worth

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy all-around, and at the moment I feel like I’m just barely treading water.  Two weekends of collegiate races, officiating, and training have made me really look forward to the upcoming weekend at home. First off was the conveniently nearby LSU collegiate race.  As usual, I would be officiating for this one which meant rushing off to Baton Rouge during rush hour to make the start of Friday night registration.  Despite my best efforts, there were sti Continue reading “Two Weeks’ Worth”

Shadow Riding and Training Racing

Helping with the officiating at the TX State criterium OK, so I’m a wee bit overextended right now and, therefore, way behind on blog posts.  It is just one of those ironies of life that when things start getting busy and interesting, documentation tends to go out the window.  Just ask any programmer.  So here’s a quick attempt to get caught up. Last weekend I traveled with some of the Tulane riders to San Marcos, in the republic of Texas, for the Texas State collegiate race weekend.  From th Continue reading “Shadow Riding and Training Racing”

Reffing Rouge Roubaix

Rouge-Roubaix is a race that began life as more of a wacko group ride, morphed into something that would have been called a Gran Fondo if anyone had been using that term back them, and eventually became an actual, official USAC race that still retains a lot of that original wacko group ride mentality.  This year’s edition attracted around 300 riders across its five race categories and one Gran Fondo category.  While the original editions were known only to a handful of local riders, this year’s Continue reading “Reffing Rouge Roubaix”

Fat, Cold, Wet, Tuesday

Mardi Gras weekend itself was great.  The weather was nice and mild and we made a number of parades in addition to two good Giro Rides.  It being the first weekend of March, I had decided to put myself in the wind’s way during the Giro Rides.  It’s time to start adding some intensity to my riding, and the nice weather made that prospect ever so much more appealing.  That’s not to say that I didn’t miss the break on Saturday, however.  We were somewhere on Hayne Blvd. when Howard went to the fron Continue reading “Fat, Cold, Wet, Tuesday”

Finished with February

February always turns out to be the hardest month for riding. “Hard” in the sense that it’s hard to get out on the bike and actually do anything resembling training.  If it’s not the weather, it’s something else. I’m sure that way back when they were working out the details of the Gregorian calendar, making adjustments for Mardi Gras (oh, I mean Easter), and the Council of Nicea’s dubious decrees, someone must have said, “Hey guys, we’re going to have to cut a Continue reading “Finished with February”