The Week After

By all accounts, the 43rd Tour de Louisiane went off quite well, which is to say nobody went to the hospital and nobody was arrested.  Turnout for the Cat. 5 and Masters races was, in a word, disturbing.  The racing, however, was great, the results timely, and the after-race photo albums numerous.  As usual, I headed across the lake around mid-afternoon on Friday, allowing plenty of time to check in to the Hampton Inn before driving over to The Spokesman to se Continue reading “The Week After”

Ready as We’ll Be

I guess we’re about as ready as we’ll be for this weekend’s Tour de Louisiane.  The road race course has been painted and marked and Robin was out there today patching some of the little holes in the asphalt.  Jason went out and marked the TT course with mile markers, and the police and Mayor are all lined up for Sunday’s criterium.  In general I think we’re in pretty good shape.  The only thing that is worrying me is the relatively lackluster pre-registration Continue reading “Ready as We’ll Be”

Tour Course

Those clouds looked a lot worse than this photo would imply! I was up early Saturday morning with plenty of time to get ready for the Saturday Giro Ride.  All suited-up, bike in hand, I opened the basement door just in time to see the rain start.  Another day off the bike looking out the window at wet streets. On Sunday we were planning a recon ride on the Tour de La road race loop.  After meeting at 6:30 or so we made the drive across the lake and up to cucumber corner.  I put a can of neon gr Continue reading “Tour Course”

Weather…or Not

You know, sometimes you start out on a nice fresh new week with a plan, only to have it squashed by Mother Nature and that little part of life that does not involve the bike.  This was one of those weeks.  After last weekend’s rather disappointing race performance, followed by Monday’s long but easy holiday ride, I was back to the routine on Tuesday morning for the long levee ride.  My legs still felt inexplicably tired with some lingering soreness that I coul Continue reading “Weather…or Not”

Off Sunday, Monday Off

It was good long weekend for riding, although we’re now starting to wish for just a little bit of rain around here.  The temperatures are working their way into summer, and lots of riders are schlepping two or three bottles on routine two-hour training rides already.  The 3-day Memorial Day weekend offered a couple of nice twists.  On Sunday there was the Feliciana Road Race, a nice nearby race on good roads with some decent terrain and even some partial shade.  Then on Monday was the now-tradit Continue reading “Off Sunday, Monday Off”

Long Days, Long Week

I am feeling pretty wiped out right now, but I’m not seeing any rest for the weary in the near future.  It all got busy last Thursday when The Wife and I showed up at Ochsner Hospital for 5:00 am, on her birthday, so she could have her hip replacement surgery.  I paid a bit over $2,000 to the hospital despite the fact that we have the most expensive insurance package that Tulane offers.  The surgery went really smoothly and surprisingly quickly.  I guess this sort of thing is pretty routine nowa Continue reading “Long Days, Long Week”

Season of Change

The more things change, the more they stay the same. May is always a complicated month.  We sent Danielle back off to Olympia for the summer on Saturday.  As usual, things didn’t quite go as planned.  Some bad weather was moving across the south on Friday evening, and some time before midnight she got an alert that her early morning flight had been “delayed” and rescheduled for something like 8:30 am.  That meant she would miss her connecting flight, and no help was forthcoming on what to do abo Continue reading “Season of Change”