Solid Month, Ten Long Years

The weather gods have been smiling on my riding schedule lately with the rather unexpected result that I haven’t missed a day in over four weeks. During that time I have logged three consecutive 300+ mile weeks and a total of 1,284 miles, without even leaving the city. What does that mean?  Well, nothing really. A pretty large share of those miles would hardly be considered training unless simply sitting on the bike and moving your legs counts. The past couple of days have been pretty great sinc Continue reading “Solid Month, Ten Long Years”

Transitioning – Last Local Road Race Weekend

Thursday morning on the lake heading back east from the casino It looked pretty good on paper. The LAMBRA Criterium Championship in Baton Rouge on Saturday, followed by the LAMBRA Age-Graded Road Championship (plus a few other non-championship age groups) on Sunday in St. Francisville. As the weekend approached, however, the weather forecast was looking bad – 80% chance of rain both days. I figured I’d be racing in the rain. On Wednesday or Thursday the criterium promoter, Dustin, called to tal Continue reading “Transitioning – Last Local Road Race Weekend”

View from the Back

Me, Mark, Paul, and Mike The LAMBRA Team Time Trial and Alan Kelly Criterium this weekend jolted the mid-summer road season back into action after its July hiatus. Teammate Mark McMurry had assembled a 55+ team composed of riders who might just as easily have ridden a TTT back in 1984. Mike Lew was on hand with an ancient and unique time trial bike that had been built by John Dias’ father back when John was a Junor.  I figure it weighed in at around 24 pounds.  Rounding out the team was Paul Ke Continue reading “View from the Back”

Sunrise Season

The northern hemisphere keeps tilting away from the sun, but my ride time remains the same. This is the time of year when we start seeing lots of photos of sunrise from the local cycling community. I had made it out to the 5:45 am meeting spot on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday had headed out around the same time to meet the WeMoRi, but when the alarm went off on Thursday morning I hit the snooze button and promptly fell fast asleep. I finally did get out of the house, around fifteen minutes late Continue reading “Sunrise Season”


Audubon Park – it was still fairly dark, hence the blurriness It was supposed to be a rainy weekend, but as sometimes happens around here, the rain fell mainly elsewhere leaving us with mostly dry weather, at least down here on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain.  I got up Saturday morning, looked out the window, and thought, “It sure is dark out there!”  I guess there were a few lingering clouds around, and together with the slow creep of shorter days it is starting to get noticeable. Leavi Continue reading “(Giro)2”

East Meets West – Coming Together

A rare cool front came through earlier this week, and although the morning temperature has still been around 80F, the drop in humidity has everyone prematurely thinking about Fall.  Of course, we are still a very long and hot way from Fall around here, but the sensation of having sweat actually evaporate from my skin has been a welcome relief, however temporary. The Tuesday/Thursday morning levee ride group, which has been recently disrupted and effectively Continue reading “East Meets West – Coming Together”