Zero Mile Weekend

You can say what you will about training schedules and the need for rest and recovery, but the fact is that for a lot of riders like me, especially this time of year, taking two whole days off the bike is rather frightening. It’s like you can just feel your fitness dropping away like sand in an hourglass. It’s one thing if you’ve spend three or four or five days absolutely hammering, pounding out intervals and hill repeats (whatever those are), but if most of your riding has been easy, known Continue reading “Zero Mile Weekend”

Fall and Fog

It’s early December and finally the leaves are starting to fall from the deciduous trees, what few we have. This is not a particularly spectacular occurrence around here, since lots of the vegetation remains green all year. Fortunately, however, we do have a few species around that help brighten things up a bit. One is the Ginkgo biloba tree. These are all imports, of course, representing the sole remaining example of a 2 million year old genus that had been a Continue reading “Fall and Fog”

LSD – Long, Sloooooow, Distance

WeMoRi, on the overpass. Thanksgiving week was a long one, and a slow one, as it should be. At the beginning of the week there was a plan among a loosely clandestine confederation of local riders to complete a 170 mile ride around Lake Pontchartrain on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Then, a couple of days later, we were planning the annual 110-mile Varsity to Varsity ride with the LSU team from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. With all of that in mind, together with my birthday on Tuesday, I started Continue reading “LSD – Long, Sloooooow, Distance”

Wet Feet, Weddings and Weather

It finally started to warm up around here yesterday, but it’s otherwise been pretty uncomfortable since Sunday. I went out last Saturday for the Giro Ride knowing things would be going downhill weather-wise the next day. Since I was supposed to be officiating the cyclocross race up in Monroe on Sunday I decided to tag along with the group that was going out to Fort Pike and back. That adds a few extra miles, which I knew I’d need just to keep up appearances. W Continue reading “Wet Feet, Weddings and Weather”

The Dark Side and the Bright Side

Last weekend was the annual USA Cycling Local Associations Summit over in Colorado Springs. This is always an interesting meeting that brings “LA” people from all over the country together with USAC staff to work through proposed new programs, existing problems, and possible solutions. In-between the actual sessions, conversation tends to drift toward the usual things when cyclists get together, which is to say there is a lot of story telling – some old, some Continue reading “The Dark Side and the Bright Side”

The 50’s and Riding on the Other Side

The annual Tour de Jefferson, otherwise referred to locally as “The Westbank Giro,” was last Sunday, and since there was nothing else going on locally I once again decided to ride it. Although last year we drove over to the other side of the river, in years past we have gotten a small group together and ridden there by way of the Canal Street ferry. Well, things are different this year. The ferry doesn’t start running until around 10 am, so I thought it would be interesting to ride to the westba Continue reading “The 50’s and Riding on the Other Side”

Falling Through Ice

It’s been a long week of dark, dark morning rides, complicated this morning by strong winds blowing off of Lake Pontchartrain, but it was a different story last Sunday for the kick-off race of the Delta States Grand Prix cyclocross series up in Baton Rouge. I had kind of mixed feelings about officiating that one. While it would have been lots of fun to ride (notice I did not use the word “race”)  the nice technical course at Baton Rouge’s City Park, I was assigned to help officiate the race whic Continue reading “Falling Through Ice”