Relentless in New Orleans

It was suddenly springtime, bordering on summer, last Saturday. With Rouge-Roubaix behind us, and a race-free weekend ahead of us, combined with warm temperatures and the impending spring road season, I knew we were in for trouble. Hanging out at Starbucks as the sun came up I watched as a steady stream of riders filtered in from all directions. By the time we were on Lakeshore Drive, there were about fifty riders, including essentially all of the fastest local ones, some of whom were on their t Continue reading “Relentless in New Orleans”


It’s 84 F right now in New Orleans. Most of the rain that had been predicted earlier in the week never materialized, and other than a day or two the next week is also looking pretty good. The weather gods even smiled on the annual Rouge-Roubaix race up in St. Francisville last Sunday, offering a nice dry day with warm temperatures after a week of rainy weather. Like last year, I was helping officiate rather than riding. I can’t honestly say I was disappointed at not being able to ride it. If Continue reading “Springtime”


It had been a very long time since I’d ridden in Arkansas – like maybe 35 years. I’d driven up there on a hot mid-summer Friday with a friend in my Triumph GT-6 with my arm hanging out the window and hot air blowing through the numerous gaps in the firewall. It was a stage race in Little Rock and it was a lot of fun, but that was then and this was now. This time I left in a rented minivan with 4 bikes, 4 people, 12 wheels, 4 bags and the various other stuff for two days of collegiate racing. Continue reading “Arkansas”

Winter Collegiate Races

Last weekend I made the long drive over to San Marcos, Texas for the Texas State Ultra collegiate races with the Tulane team. We had three mini-vans for this one, all packed to the gills with bikes, wheels, riders and pretty much every shred of cold-weather riding clothing available. My car left NOLA around 11:30 (the plan had been for 9 am but it took over an hour to actually pick up the minivans from Enterprise and then we had to squeeze 4 bikes, 4 people, and numerous wheels in there. It was Continue reading “Winter Collegiate Races”

Cold and Wind and Rain

I feel a little bad complaining about the weather. It’s way worse farther north. I mean, take a look at what Toone was riding in the other morning. No nicer in B’ham Even so, the weather here in New Orleans has been pretty much sucking the life out of my motivation for the past couple of weeks. It’s actually not all that unusual, however. February is always my most difficult month, and the two, going on three, week virus has not helped, either. Tomorrow I Continue reading “Cold and Wind and Rain”

Natchez Pilgrimage

Last weekend was our annual pilgrimage to Natchez State Park for the NOBC training camp. This year we teamed up with the Tulane collegiate riders, which made for a very nice mix. I had been more apprehensive about this year’s trip than usual because I’m just barely getting over the cold that put me out of commission for over a week, and also because Danielle was in the early stages of the same thing. We rolled out of New Orleans a little late on Friday, but still arrived at the Continue reading “Natchez Pilgrimage”

Cold Ride

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit better. The throat is still a bit sore, and there’s still a post-nasal drip, but at least I didn’t feel quite as lousy as I have for the past week. Most people who have had this cold lately have told me it took them two to three weeks to get over it. Anyway, the local forecast had been calling for temperatures in the mid-30s, but when I looked over at the thermometer it read something like 42, so I decided that I needed to at least get on the bike and Continue reading “Cold Ride”