Masters and Young Grasshoppers and the Internet

Last Sunday was the LAMBRA Age-Graded Championship road race, just a couple of hours away near St. Francisville. This is on a popular course that we’ve been racing on for at least three decades, and although it is not what you’d call an “easy” 22-mile loop, it strikes a nice balance between dead-flat and intimidating. The NOBC had a decent enough turnout, particularly for the women. I would be riding a 44 mile race with the combined 55+/60+ group. There was a time not too long ago when I would h Continue reading “Masters and Young Grasshoppers and the Internet”

Summer Heat, Katrina Week

Lost horizon on the lakefront. Late August is always tough around here. It goes without saying that it’s hot and humid most of the time, and there always seem to be a bunch of big expenses to drain what little funds are in the bank account. Just to add to the annual convergence of problems, there is always, always, a problem with the bike. You see, by this time of the year I’ve dripped literally gallons of salty, nasty sweat from stem to seatpost and inorganic chemistry being what it is, thing Continue reading “Summer Heat, Katrina Week”

Drafting and Dropping

Team TT Start The past couple of weeks have been a little more than just hot and humid. You know those morning rides where sweat is already dripping onto your top tube and into your glasses before the sun gets above the horizon? Those rides where you get home absolutely soaked in sweat and walk into the freezing cold air-conditioned house that’s really only at 75F, down a quart of whatever cold liquid comes first to hand, and then you shower and the sweat was Continue reading “Drafting and Dropping”

Visitor Cyclists

The Tuesday morning ride heads out on Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans As the contact email for the NOBC and LAMBRA websites, among others, I get my share of emails and messages asking about riding in New Orleans.  Many of those come from visitors who are coming to town for conferences, holidays, or other occasions. I usually send them pretty detailed information about where to ride, when the groups rides are, and whatever other information I think they will need to survive cycling in New Orleans Continue reading “Visitor Cyclists”


Mid-summer mornings in New Orleans can be a lot of things, but windy is not usually one of them. For the past week or more we’ve been under this big high-pressure system that’s made for some uncomfortably hot weather, punctuated only by a few short but dramatic thunderstorms. Riding out to meet the Giro Ride this morning I wasn’t thinking about wind. Blocked by the rows of houses along Carrollton and Canal, the unusual west wind hardly even registered. Instead Continue reading “Protocol”


At 4:15 am I headed up to Alexandria, LA for the Rapides Road Race on Saturday with fairly low expectations. Pre-registration numbers had been extremely low for this one-day, mid-July event.  The race distances were pretty low – the Masters race, for which there were only two riders pre-registered, was only 43 miles, as was the Cat. 1/2 race for which, unsurprisingly, there were no pre-registrations at all. There was also no promise of prizes other than medals.  On the plus side, it was a nice Continue reading “Rapides”

Acadiana Action

Last weekend I headed over to Lafayette for the annual Vuelta d’ Acadiana. This year they had dispensed with the Saturday morning time trial, and with the Masters criterium not scheduled until after 4 pm, I was spared the usual pre-dawn rush. Of course, habits are hard to break, and I was up at 5:45 am anyway, so I rode out to Starbucks to meet the 7 am Giro Ride, riding with them down the end of Lakeshore Drive before splitting off and heading back home. I left for Lafayette much earlier than n Continue reading “Acadiana Action”