Recovering from CX

That little hour riding around the cyclocross course in Baton Rouge last Sunday is still with me. As always seems to be the case when I fall, one side of my neck is still sore to the touch. There’s a dull off-and-on headache on once side of my head that is either from that or from sinus irritation. Then there are the other aches and pains that were related more to riding and running than falling, although for me that latter two are sometimes indistinguishable to the untrained eye. This morning Continue reading “Recovering from CX”

Season’s End

The road season just seems to get longer and longer every year, even here in Louisiana. With collegiate races kicking off in late February and cyclocross into mid-late December, there’s just a couple of months of generally uncomfortable weather in-between. It was kind of a long and busy weekend for me. Friday night was the annual Psychiatry party down at the Westin, so dinner consisted mostly of sushi, crab cakes, and wine.  Mostly wine.  That made me a little slow to roll out of bed for the Gi Continue reading “Season’s End”

The Overpass

Since the early 70s I’ve been riding out to the lakefront by way of Carrollton Avenue or Jefferson Davis Parkway, eventually connecting to Wisner Boulevard which follows Bayou St. John along the eastern edge of City Park all the way out to the lake. Along the way is the Wisner Overpass, built I guess back in the 60s and named, like the boulevard of which it is part, for the Wisner family whose Foundation funded the original road. It originally served only to get traffic over the railroad tracks, Continue reading “The Overpass”

The Long Giro and Drug Test Drama

It was still chilly Saturday morning when I rolled out to meet the Giro, but I went a little light on the clothing anyway.  The forecast was calling for clear skies and rising temperatures, and Jaden was calling for a Long Giro.  While the standard Giro Ride, plus the ride out and back to Starbucks, gets me around 60 miles from home, the Long Giro extends the ride out to Slidell and I get home with 93. Since I was planning on going  up to Jackson MS to help officiate cyclocross on Sunday, I figu Continue reading “The Long Giro and Drug Test Drama”

Coffee and Cold Air

Coffee Ride stop at the Fair Grinds coffee house With this morning’s temperature down around the mid-40s, it was finally time to look for the shoe-covers and skullcap. I knew the easy Friday coffee ride was going to feel particularly chilly since the wind was still blowing pretty strongly and the pace isn’t normally sufficient to generate much body heat. The sky, however, was clear and blue (once the sun came up), so that was nice.  We hadn’t even gotten off of campus before Dustin got a flat, Continue reading “Coffee and Cold Air”

Too Long in the Wind

When I looked over at the thermometer this morning I knew what to expect. The cold front that had come through yesterday had dropped the temperature down to around 52F, but I knew that wasn’t going to be the real problem. When I stepped out the door the sound of rustling dry leaves confirmed my expectation.  There was a cold stiff wind blowing at 15-20 mph out of the north-northeast, which meant that the ride along the lakefront would be an hour and a half of white-knuckle echelon practice. Surp Continue reading “Too Long in the Wind”