December First and 77

It was one of those mornings when you have the best of intentions.  After an easy ride on Monday morning that probably never cracked 20 mph, I had the idea I’d work some intensity into this morning’s ride. That idea feel by the wayside almost the minute I swung my leg over that tattered Selle Italia SLR that I’ve been meaning to replace since this time last year. I may give the Specialized Romin that’s currently on the track bike another try. If that doesn’t work out I guess I’ll have to bite t Continue reading “December First and 77”

Springtime in November – Headsets and Holidays

The weather the past couple of days has been pretty spectacular, especially considering that it is the last weekend in November and lots of people elsewhere are selecting clothing options with frostbite protection in mind. As I write, it’s 79F here in New Orleans. We won’t see the 40s again until probably Thursday. After an easy post-Thanksgiving ride on Friday I pulled the fork off of the Bianchi and headed over to Bicycle World to pick up a new headset.  I was a little reluctant to attack th Continue reading “Springtime in November – Headsets and Holidays”

Thanksgiving Day Giro

The emails and text messages started going ’round early on Wednesday.  Would there be a Giro Ride on Thanksgiving morning?  With nobody actually in charge of these rides, it took some time for a consensus to emerge, but by Wednesday night I was fairly certain there would be at least a few riders on hand. Locally we’re at the beginning of another warming trend that should last until at least next Wednesday when the next cold front comes through. Howard, just elected to his parish council I went Continue reading “Thanksgiving Day Giro”

WeMoRi Breakfast Ride

The WeMoRi (Wednesday Morning Ride) is one of those odd weekday morning rides that probably started out as one thing and ended up as entirely something else. Starting at 5:45 am, it’s dark for most of the ride, and in the winter it’s dark and cold. Nonetheless, there are usually about ten miles of the ride that are very fast, followed by a more social lap around City Park. It can be a pretty hard ten miles, and combined with the darkness and flashing lights and traffic and stop lights, the first Continue reading “WeMoRi Breakfast Ride”

Fractured Paceline

It was another chilly, windy morning, at least by my standards. I went out in tights and long-sleeve jersey, knowing it would warm up once the sun rose but unwilling to suffer on the ride out to the lakefront. From a block away I scanned the meeting corner looking for flashing lights.  There were none. I rode down the block a bit, wondering if I’d be riding into the north wind alone.  Finally the riders started to trickle in, all a little late. Some were missing entirely, others had lost time se Continue reading “Fractured Paceline”


Saturday night an actual COLD front came through – the first real one this fall. And so, it was with a bag stuffed full of winter riding gear that I headed up to Natchez on Sunday morning for the third cyclocross race of the DSGP series. Although the temperature south of the lake was in the 40s thanks to all that nice warm water, up in Natchez it was somewhere around 34F when I fired up the Volvo around 6 am. It was supposed to warm up to around 40 by the 10 am start, so I didn’t think that it w Continue reading “Cross-Training”

Gridlock and the Giro

The Tulane Cycling Center has six WattBikes.  They don’t see a lot of use until the weather starts to get cold and rainy, like it is right now.  So naturally one of the head units stopped working a few weeks ago. The folks at Woodway, who handles them in the U.S. suggested that the battery might have gone bad, so I went out to Battery World to get them to put together a new battery pack, using the same odd connector that was on the original one.  I figured there was about a 30% chance that the p Continue reading “Gridlock and the Giro”